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Does this Protandim product work for real or is it just a hype? Is protandim real? It claimed to REDUCES OXIDATIVE STRESS BY AN AVERAGE OF 40%. Protandim The Super Anti-Aging Antioxidant. This is no magic pill, but it claim to help me live strong, fit and healthy as I age. Protandim cost $50 for one month supply, 30 caplets or $40 for preferred customer on auto-ship. So I'm currently in the process of buying and trying out this new antioxidant product !!!

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Prodantim Scam? Here is my personal review and experience:
Update::: 4months after
Update: Is Protandim product a scam? I have used this product over 4 months. Bottom line... It works for me. I feel less stress and more daily energy. Protandim is a real deal. However, regarding business opportunity with LifeVantage, I don't recommend it. But I highly recommend giving Protandim a try for good health reason. You must use this antioxidant supplements at least 30-60 days before drawing your conclusion.

I did my own experiment and testing to see if it's a real deal. Here is what I did: (My Protandim testimonials and personal experience) After 60 days of trying Protandim, I stopped using the supplements! Within 2 weeks after stop using the Antioxidant... I notice stress and less daily energy. (It is hard to describe...I just don't feel normal)
Now I am back taken Protandim, because I tested it out myself and see the big different (period). So the true side effects is when you stop using it, you will SLOWLY feels the different. Just like if you were to stop eating... you get hungry.

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